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The idea of A Sacred Moment Home Funerals & Life Celebrations was born after two significant events in the life of Char Barrett.

The journey began after witnessing her father's death at his hospital bedside. It was there she first experienced the reality of death and the newfound understanding that the spirit and body are distinctly different aspects of who we are as human beings.

Five years later, Char experienced death in another way, when her childhood girlfriend Margaret, who was diagnosed with cancer at 17, died at thirty-three. But Margaret didn't die in the impersonal surroundings of a hospital room. Instead, Margaret was home, surrounded by the people and the things she loved. As the time of her death drew near, amazing people, angels really, helped guide Margaret and her family through her final journey. These angels were called Hospice.

The clear distinction between the two experiences opened Char's eyes to the importance of Hospice and she became a hospice volunteer in 1993.

But Char knew that there was still something missing. Char's training in public speaking and project management helped her to transition to the role of a Certified Celebrant. This allowed her to facilitate memorial and funeral services for families and help them to creatively express the significance of their loved one through a Life Celebration service.

But, Char still wanted to do more. One troubling aspect of Char's hospice volunteering and practical experience in the conventional funeral profession was witnessing the lack of purpose for the family after the death. Where typically the family had been actively engaged in giving comfort and support to their dying loved one, with the guidance of hospice, they were suddenly passive observers as funeral home staff came and removed the body. They were left with a disjointed emptiness that was palpable. It seemed like an unfulfilling finale to a poignant and beautiful life.

Char became a licensed funeral director and trained as a Certified Death midwife. She discovered how family-directed home funerals allow families the time to work through their grief as they care for their loved one for the last time, Char saw a profoundly different approach to funerals and the transition for families after the death.

Margaret continues to remain an indomitable spirit in Char's life and is the inspiration behind A Sacred Moment. Char understands what families are looking for when dealing with the death of a loved one. They want to be engaged, empowered, have influence, make meaning, be given options and treated like the well informed, Internet and technology savvy people they are. It is her goal that A Sacred Moment extends the loving care families experience through hospice, with the very intimate and empowering experience of a Home Funeral and concluding with a highly personalized and meaningful Life Celebration to celebrate a life that has passed on and provide comfort to those that are left behind.

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