Cremation & Burial

cremation burial

Simple, affordable cremations and reasonably priced burials are the foundation of A Sacred Moment’s services. We handle many each year, mainly for families in Snohomish, King, and Island counties.

Simple cremations

By far, cremation is the preferred choice of our families. An age-old tradition, practiced in many cultures, cremation is fast becoming the most favored disposition in our country.

Reasons for its popularity are many. People are dying older and choosing cremation for themselves. It is simpler. It saves money and land. And it is culturally respected.

Cremations can be expedited. When this is done, you can also choose (or not) to witness the placement of the body entering the cremation chamber, prior to cremation. Your family and friends can be present for the first hour, with a chance to say goodbye in ways that are meaningful to you.

To help safeguard the environment, we purchase offsets that directly support projects proven to diminish carbon use and impact - resulting in a net zero carbon footprint for our cremations through Bonneville Environmental Foundation. In addition, a tree is planted for each and every family we serve through American Forests.

Affordable burial

Conventional burial is another respected choice for many families. Through the centuries, it has provided a sense of comfort and tradition. Being present with the body at the funeral creates a feeling of reverence and ceremony that often helps people through their grief. When the casketed body is present for a time, it also provides one more opportunity to say farewell.

Often a burial honors the wishes of the deceased. Many people find solace in choosing a particular plot in a cemetery as their final resting place. Cemeteries invite family and friends to visit with flowers, stones, notes of remembrance and love.

Knowing how important these services are, we will do our very best for you and yours.