Arrange a Burial


Meeting with Us

When arranging a burial, you work closely with our staff, ideally meeting with us in our office. This provides you with the most direct support or it may be more helpful for you to work with us via phone, e-mail, fax, and our website.

After a death occurs, our staff will be in touch within a day (regular business hours), giving you the time and space you may need, or you may call at your convenience to make an appointment to arrange the burial. You can also Request an Appointment via our website; a staff member will call the next business morning to confirm your appointment.

When planning a burial, you work hand-in-hand with us and the staff of your chosen cemetery. It’s best to have your arrangement meeting with us first, before deciding on a date and time for the burial at the cemetery. Things happen much more smoothly when following this sequence.

In your meeting with us, several things will be accomplished: the burial arrangements, paperwork, and payment. You may decide on a burial service and/or visitation, including their possible settings, dates, and times; and provide information for necessary forms, such as the death certificate. (Other forms are available on this page in the right-hand navigation, or you can simply wait to address what is applicable to your situation when you meet with us.)

If there’s going to be a funeral service, there are further details to consider. These include selecting a casket, guest books, flowers, and funeral service folders, with a complete listing in Burial and Funeral products.

Our Burial Services

Our burial services are simple and affordable. They range from full service (which may include embalming, though it’s not legally required) to simple direct burial (scheduled at the cemetery’s discretion) at your chosen cemetery. You can choose from:

  1. Direct burial in a cloth-covered casket without a graveside service
  2. Direct burial in a cloth-covered casket with a graveside service
  3. Full burial services with a cloth-­covered casket
  4. Full burial services with a metal casket
  5. Green burial in a bio-degradable casket with or without a graveside

Our full burial services in 3 & 4 include optional:

You may also select from our range of services and products a la carte. Also, if you choose a certain service but want to substitute a different casket, you can receive a casket credit that applies to your new choice.

About Viewings

A viewing is a chance to say a last goodbye. It can also help family and close friends accept the reality of the death, possibly making the journey of grief more bearable.

We offer two kinds of viewings. One viewing lasts for an hour, intended for up to 10 immediate family members and those considered family. The second can last up to four hours, and can include up to 50 family members and friends. Food can be set out in a separate room where we provide coffee and tea. These viewings are held either in our care facility’s chapel (formerly a private home in Kent) or chapel locations from south King to Snohomish counties.

If you have decided to have a viewing, then please consider whether you want your loved one dressed in clothes you have provided. Some families prefer to view their loved one in the clothes last worn. Others bring favorite clothes to our office. Some families give us the decedent’s preferred casual clothes, while others bring more formal attire, including shoes and accessories.

Cosmetology is another question. If you want it done, it’s best to furnish us with a picture of your loved one, along with favorite make-up and nail polish.

Lastly, mementos such as letters, photographs or a special blanket are often part of this honoring. You can bring them to the viewing and place them with your loved one. If you decide not to have a viewing, you can still have your loved one dressed in clothes you provide. You can also bring us mementos to have placed with the body.

Pre-Planning a Burial

Prior to a death, you can arrange to meet, in our office or via phone, with one of our staff members to ask any questions you might have, and to complete the necessary paperwork. Pre-planning can put your mind at ease, allowing you to be present to your loved one. You can also choose to pre-pay for services, settling all financial matters beforehand by establishing a trust, which is ideally done in person in our office. An added benefit to establishing a trust is you can make payments to the trust over time.