Things to consider

Green burial - things to consider

If you’re contemplating a green burial for yourself or a loved one, know that they’re not hard to arrange. A Sacred Moment specializes in natural burials. We can easily make this ‘new’ kind of burial happen for you.

It helps to have a green cemetery in mind. We have experience with all three of our state’s “green” burial grounds, and with some rural cemeteries that still allow natural burial. Each of these three burial grounds have websites you can explore, or you can visit a cemetery in person. We’ve helped families in need of immediate services as well as individuals pre-planning a green burial for the future.

Another consideration that’s different: the biodegradable container. Instead of choosing a conventional casket, you’ll consider a selection of handmade shrouds and other alternative containers. These range from simple pine caskets to ones made of wicker or bamboo or by the hands of an artisan. You can do this in our office, or view a selection of products online.

Here are some forms to get you started with green burial planning. You can also simply call us at (425) 316-8290(425) 316-8290 to discuss your “green” questions and needs.

Learn more about green burials through the eyes of Clark Wang, the passionate environmentalist who is the focus of the documentary, A Will for the Woods, who faced his battle with lymphoma and decision for a green burial with equal grace. A Sacred Moment was fortunate to work with the directors, Amy Browne and Jeremy Kaplan, during the journey of filming this inspiring documentary.