Things to Consider

Planning a Home Funeral

The most important thing to consider:

Who will be the funeral director?

In planning a home funeral, you must first decide whether your family will act in lieu of a licensed funeral director and take legal responsibility for the care and transport of the body yourselves. Alternatively, would you rather A Sacred Moment support your family/community by acting as licensed funeral director. This means we are legally responsible for the body, sign the death certificate, and provide transportation. This is an important distinction, and your decision will shape the rest of your home funeral planning. (See Understanding Your Choices for further clarification.)

Recognizing that you probably need more information and understanding in order to make this decision, we offer these steps for your successful planning:

  1. Call or email us to begin a conversation. A Sacred Moment staff can talk with you for up to 30 minutes free of charge by phone at (425) 316-8290(425) 316-8290 or in the office to provide you with general information and support. We are honored to do this.
  2. If, after this initial conversation, you wish to proceed further, you should schedule a personal Home Funeral Consultation meeting with one of our trained staff, preferably in your home or the location of the vigil so we can see and assess the situation. (See Home Funeral Consultation). If that is not possible, we could meet via video call (See Video-call Consultation).
  3. In this initial Home Funeral Consultation meeting, our staff can help you discern whether you have enough support from family and friends to act in lieu of a funeral director, or whether having A Sacred Moment act as licensed funeral director would be your best support, and which choice best fits your needs. (See Understanding Your Choices.)
  4. Though we recommend this Home Funeral Consultation as our best care of you, it is possible to receive our Alternative GPL and use this to make your decisions. The rest of your planning is shaped by what you end up choosing from your Home Funeral Choices. (See Home Funerals/Understanding Your Choices.)

Second thing to consider:

Have you planned ahead?

We know, from our years of experience, that home funerals work best when there is enough time to imagine, plan, and prepare. You may be a family member who wants to care for a loved one after death, or you are dying yourself, and want others to care for you at home after your transition.

Please know that it is possible to have an “at-need” home funeral with a sudden or unexpected death, but it is more challenging and works best with our support and assistance.

Third thing to consider:

Do you have a support system?

It is very important to consider your support system; who will be there throughout a home funeral. Do you have extended family, friends, and community who can take on different tasks and help make the whole effort run smoothly? This network can be important. If you discover you are in need of more support from our staff, Our Basic Home Funeral may be the better option for you. A meaningful home funeral is generated by the energy and creativity of those who know the deceased and are most intimately involved. This is especially true (in fact, essential) for those considering Our Basic Home Funeral or DIY (Family-Directed) Home Funeral consultation.

Fourth thing to consider:

Have you done your research?

Read up on home funerals. See our Resources – Helpful Links and articles/videos from Home Funerals in the News. Think about what is most important for you to include in your plans and then give us a call at (425) 316-8290(425) 316-8290, we’re here to help.