Jack L. Dierdorff August 24, 1918 - October 29, 2009

We invite family and friends to sign the guestbook

From:  Becky & Bob Minsky   
Mercer Island

We never met Jack but from all the good things said about him, we can tell that he was a fine husband and father.
Our sympathy to you and your family.
Keep well.

written on 2009-11-10 22:48:34
Post number: 23

From:  denny glover   
electric city, wa

to wanda and faimily...jack was like a father and a mentor to me when we worked together in the 60's. he was a man's man and a gentleman's gentleman. i became a much better person because of jack. i will miss him greatly. denny

written on 2009-11-10 19:29:50
Post number: 22

From:  Ivan Tinder   

I really am going to miss you. It was a true pleasure having you as friend. I will miss you here however we will get together again in our Heavenly home as we discussed.

God bless you and your family.

written on 2009-11-10 11:53:09
Post number: 21

From:  Gary Roraback   

My Sympathy to Wanda & family.

Jack knew more about downtown Seattle
real estate than most of us put together.
He also helped to keep some important
tenants in business, like the 410,610 and
of course 9th & Madison.
We miss you my friend!

written on 2009-11-10 11:02:44
Post number: 20

From:  Pat Giurgevich   

I was so sorry to see Jack's obituary in today's paper. What a great man! I helped care for Jack in Cardiac Rehab and in the Lipid Clinic. His 'full of life' personality reminded me of a beloved uncle. God bless you all.

written on 2009-11-10 10:17:38
Post number: 19

From:  Jeff Davis   
Mercer Island, WA

Several weeks ago I asked about Jack and I commented on the fact that I had never met him in all the years of knowing Michael and Dan. From what I pictured, Jack was bigger than life; everyone has a story about him, all of them good. I want to thank Jack and Wanda for Michael and Dan, two of the finest friends one could ever have. Jack's love for the outdoors will be shared by many for generations to come.
May God continue to bless your family.

written on 2009-11-10 02:05:21
Post number: 18

From:  Alex and Barbara Toth and Family   
Whidbey Island

He was truly a good man.

written on 2009-11-09 17:17:50
Post number: 17

From:  Dick Manning   

I wish they were all like Jack! When he officed near 5th and Union in the 60's and for a while after, I'd meet him on the street about once a week. He loved people and he loved to schmooz. I miss this wonderful human being.

written on 2009-11-09 13:48:33
Post number: 16

From:  Christine Edlund   
Seattle, WA

I have only recently met Jack, we swam together in a Senior's Swim Group. He was a wonderful friend and will be missed very much.

written on 2009-11-09 13:04:51
Post number: 15

From:  Amie Yee Seniors (Bill Ledray)   

With sympathy Wanda

written on 2009-11-09 12:50:52
Post number: 14

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A True Fisherman

A true fisherman knows when and where the fish
are biting.
He rises up early in the morning,
Plying the water for that elusive catch,
Waiting in the stillness for a nibble
A slight twitch in the line,
Expertly he reels it in --
A good fisherman knows a keeper
When he sees one, he knows when to toss one back
And when to head for home.

Author Unknown