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Our products match our range of services—from alternative to traditional.

You can find low-cost fiberboard caskets to decorate, as well as handsome wood or metal caskets for a conventional burial in a cemetery. If you are considering an eco-friendly burial, you can explore new biodegradable choices made of pine, bamboo, or woven willow. Shrouds are another green option, updated with creative, original designs.

You can meet local woodworkers making beautiful, personalized caskets, and if you want to build your own, we have some tips and resources.

Cremation urns offer even more variety. They come big and small, in all kinds of shapes and materials. Popular these days are little keepsake urns, because a loved one’s ashes can be divided and shared. Each one holds a small portion of cremated ash, and can nestle in one’s hand.

The newest urns are biodegradable—in both water and the earth. Many are so attractive that they may stay around awhile as decorative urns. They are made from special materials, including sand and gelatin, and handmade paper. There are also lovely scattering tubes that simplify the scattering process.

You may want to keep a loved one’s cremated ashes close-by, in a comforting, beautiful—and different way. We have an eclectic selection of cremation art and jewelry, from original works of glass art to pendants you can reach up and hold in your hand.

It’s all here—from the innovative to familiar, such as guest books, memorial service folders, video tributes, and flowers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call at (425) 316-8290(425) 316-8290.

You can find biodegradable urns, shrouds, and caskets, made of paper, natural fibers, pine, wicker, or bamboo. Or you can select from conventional caskets, constructed from metal or wood.

You can discover art and jewelry that memorialize your loved one. These original, beautiful keepsakes can remain close at hand and be passed down through generations.

And you can quickly put together items for a service, such as guest books, prayer cards, videos, and flowers.

Consider our many choices for every need, preference, and pocketbook.