Cremation Memorial Art

cremation memorial art

Artful Ashes

Artful Ashes, capture the essence of your loved ones spirit in a swirl of color and ashes, within beautiful glass art. Created at Glass Studio – Pratt Fine Arts Center in the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle. Weighing just under a pound, your very own precious glass heart fits in the palm to be held close at hand and heart.

Framed Love Ashes

Love Ashes, created by artist Sylvia Engel, are beautiful keepsakes containing your loved one’s cremains. Using vibrant, warm colors, she fires glass tiles with ashes either hidden or visible from the back. The tiles can be framed or worn around your neck as a pendant that you can reach up and hold in your hands, reminding you of your loved one.

Glass Remembrance Art

People have always cherished sacred objects, things that remind us of the special person we have lost. Now there are Glass Remembrances—unique pieces of memorial glass art. Whether a delicate glass rose or a clear spherical paperweight, they each hold special meaning. Each is made with a small portion of ashes that turn a beautiful white color and produce tiny bubbles around them.