Memorial Jewelry


The pendant was one of the first kinds of bodily adornment. From our distant ancestors on down, the pendant has been something special and comforting to wear and keep close. Today’s keepsake pendants can hold a small portion of cremated ashes, a lock of hair, or dried ceremonial flowers. They’re available in silver and gold, in different shapes and styles.

Love Ashes Jewelry

Love Ashes are vibrant pieces of glass art and jewelry—that happen to be infused with some of your loved one’s cremated ashes. If you choose to have visible ashes, they may be seen on the back of the pendant. You may choose earrings or a bracelet charm to artistically hold your memories close.

Life Gems

A LifeGem could be your very own diamond honoring your loved one’s uniqueness. This beautiful, comforting keepsake can be created from the carbon in cremated ashes, a lock of hair, or both.

Thumbies Jewelry Keepsakes

There’s nothing more unique than a fingerprint. Now you can cherish your loved one’s on a Thumbie, a personalized three-dimensional print on a charm, ring, pin, and other keepsakes. Available in sterling silver or gold, a charm keeps their specialness close.

Glass Remembrance Jewelry

Jewelry can be a sacred form of reminding us of the special person we have lost. Glass Remembrances—creates unique pieces of glass keepsakes in the form of a pendant or charm. Glass keepsake pendants and charms are hand made using special coloring treatments. Each is made with a small portion of cremated ashes that turn a beautiful keepsake into one that holds special meaning.