Green Burial’s Best Friend & Resource


The Green Burial Council is the best resource available for understanding green or “ecologically responsible” burials. The Council is the first to see burial as a new means of protecting natural areas.

The success of this independent, non-profit organization comes from its ability to work across the board with diverse members of society. Environmentalists, conservationists, scientists, lawyers, and academics work hand-in-hand with people from the funeral and consumer industry. Together they have created the first eco-certification program for burial grounds, burial products, and funeral homes.

A Sacred Moment is proud to be one of the Green Burial Council’s approved death-care providers. Char and her staff have been supporters of the Council since its inception. Together with its founder, Joe Sehee, Char worked collaboratively on a GBC advisory board to help bring the concept of “green practices” to the modern-day funeral industry. (See Our Green Story).

GBC’s website is inspirational and informative, and we recommend you spend some time there if you are considering a green natural burial, or have land and resources that can be protected in this way for the future: