Nurturing the Future: the National Home Funeral Alliance


Committed to protecting a family’s innate right to care for their own dead, Char Barrett and other leaders in the home funeral movement founded a non-profit membership organization called the National Home Funeral Alliance. In 2010, Char became its first president, serving for two years.

A Sacred Moment remains actively involved in this vital organization, the main vehicle for the home funeral movement today. Through its mission to “reconnect to our heritage,” and promote “environmentally sound and culturally nurturing practices,” the Alliance expects to influence the way we “do death” in the future.

NHFA’s annual conferences offer education and training, as well as networking opportunities. The conferences also help strengthen communication between home funeral guides, the funeral industry, and families and communities worldwide.

For more information about home funerals, and how to be involved, check out the NHFA’s comprehensive website: