Pet Memorial Services

Pet loss and memorial services

Pets play a big part in our lives. Given an animal’s remarkable ability to sense our love and pain, one often becomes our dearest friend. Those of us who have been blessed with such companionship understand that the death of a pet can be devastating.

At A Sacred Moment, we love and honor animal companions. Indeed, we even have Bindi, a genial comfort dog, on our staff. It upsets us that grief over a pet is often “disenfranchised” in our culture, meaning that such pain is invisible and unrecognized.

We certainly recognize it. We support your desire to mark your loss, to memorialize your special friend. You might need help with a simple, quiet ritual. Or you may want a more formal service to pay homage to the life and love you shared together. Whatever your idea, we can assist you.

We also hope that these stories, articles, and experts’ answers will support you as you miss your beloved BFF.