Cremation Authorization


By Washington state law A Sacred Moment must have a signed cremation authorization and release form completed, by the legal next-of-kin, before proceeding with cremation.  As noted on page one of our Cremation Authorization & Release Form, those with the legal authority (next-of-kin) to sign include, in descending order:

Self – signed on own behalf, or
Designated Agent – person acting on behalf of deceased under signed authorization, or
Surviving Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner, or
Surviving Adult Children – all or the majority, or
Surviving Parent(s) – all or only, or
Surviving Sibling(s) – all or the majority, or
Court-appointed Guardian, or
Most Responsible Party.

Instructions on how to complete this Cremation Authorization & Release are as follows:

Page 1 of 4: Nothing on this page needs to be signed—it is only for your records.

Page 2 of 4: All (or majority) legal next-of-kin, as noted above, will need to sign where the first and second SIGN HERE boxes indicate (or in the first box on two different copies), and please print your names and your addresses. If more than two signatures are required, simply make multiple copies of this page.  You will also need someone to witness your signatures on this page.  They do not need to be notarized and the signatures can be witnessed by anyone who is over the age of 18 years old.  Please have them sign on the line that is indicated by WITNESS: Have them date their signature, print their name and relationship to the signer.

Page 3 of 4:  Please indicate with initials whether the deceased did or did not have a pacemaker, insulin pump, or any other medical device which requires a battery. There is a signature required below this paragraph, about halfway down the page.

There is also a description of the cremation process at the bottom of the page, and please be warned that the language is very specific, so you may choose to have someone read it for you. Either way, we need a signature on the bottom of the page from you indicating that you have read the information.

Page 4 of 4: This page deals with the release of the urn. Please choose the option that most closely matches your wishes and sign at the bottom of the page.  

Please be in touch should you have any questions or concerns regarding completing this form.

Cremation Authorization Form