Sacred Moments Are Special—We Help to Create Yours

special funeral services

Special: That word describes what we do at A Sacred Moment.

It expresses how we create life celebrations, taking time and care to imbue them with the personality of your loved one. We can provide the best celebrants, video artists, catering services, and even bagpipers and a horse-drawn carriage to make your goodbye more meaningful and memorable.

Special also describes how we mindfully support cultural and spiritual traditions--for Buddhist practitioners, Waldorf communities, or any faith tradition that has specific ceremonies and customs. We can manage all the logistics, providing time, space, and opportunity for you to focus on your prayers and rituals.

If you are curious about home funerals or green burials but don’t know where to begin, you can call and come to our office for a free 30-minute consultation. If you want to know more, we’ll meet with you at an appointed time to address your personal questions and needs, for an hourly fee. This again is “special,” as we know of no other funeral service providing such guidance for alternative ways of doing death.

Unusual requests don’t throw us. We do everything we can to support you in your grief and honor and memorialize your loved one.

In providing funeral choices for a changing world, we need to go—and want to go—an extra mile or two beyond everyday funeral service. Take a look at the kind of specialness we provide.