Home funeral considerations - Consultations


Questions naturally arise when you begin considering an alternative to the normal way we “do death” these days. That is why consultations are an essential part of our services. Such support is not readily available in the funeral industry of today—but it’s part of our approach to after-death care.

If you are considering a home funeral our staff members are happy to provide you with general information about this option—up to a half-hour free of charge. We can talk to you by phone or set up a time to answer your questions at our office.

If a home funeral seems right for you, your next step is arranging a personal consultation meeting with one of our staff members at your home or location of your choosing. This meeting, which last a minimum of two hours, provides you with specific information and guidance tailored to your personal wishes and circumstances. Our home funeral consultations can include:

The nature of a consultation for a home funeral varies, depending on your location, what services you choose, and how involved A Sacred Moment is in your journey. We highly recommend that families and communities who wish to care for their own dead (acting as licensed funeral director themselves) commit to an initial two-hour minimum consultation.

DIY (Family-Directed) Home Funeral Consultations

A family member or friend can legally act as licensed funeral director in the state of Washington. You do not need to engage a funeral home at all if you prefer to act on your own behalf. Making this choice means you are legally responsible for the care of the body, and all tasks related to the death certificate, permits, and transportation of your loved one.

We support families who make this choice, but highly recommend that you engage our consulting services before attempting to navigate the system on your own. Getting the death certificate signed by the doctor and filed with the county, and obtaining the permits for transportation take time and attention. Not many people today know that families have these legal rights, so it can be challenging at times. Don’t be daunted, though. It can be done!

Our consultations support your family to have a good experience, and also help insure that family-directed home funerals will always be legally possible here in Washington state. Please don’t hesitate to ask how we can assist you.

We recommend a preliminary consultation to get you started (two-hour minimum). We can consult via phone (425) 316-8290(425) 316-8290 or video call. If you wish us to come to your home, our hourly rate is higher.

Because planning ahead is essential to creating a good home funeral experience, our consultation rates are lower for a pre-need consultation before a death has occurred. We do offer at-need consultations, after a death has occurred, but that is more challenging for everyone concerned, so we charge accordingly.


The best approach to a DIY (Family-Directed) Home Funeral is getting education and training beforehand, putting together a good support system, and arranging for an additional consultation, if needed, near the time of the vigil. Plan your home funeral far enough in the future to take advantage of our workshops/ trainings and webinars. Families and communities can organize their own workshops and have us come and train them in the most important aspects of creating a successful home funeral. (See our offerings under Help & Resources/Education & Trainings)