Video-call Consultations


Questions naturally arise when you begin considering an alternative to the normal way we “do death” these days. This is why consultations are an essential part of our services. Our staff members are happy to provide you with general information (up to a half-hour) free of charge via phone. If you want more personal, specific information, we then set up an appointment for a consultation.

Circumstances and timing may not allow for an in-person consult with our staff, which is where Skype or other video-call services can fill that need. With nothing more than a computer and e-mail address, we can “come to you” via video on your computer. We can work with you in the comfort of your own home, via Skype or other video-call services. Family and friends can support you around your kitchen table and yet you see us on your computer screen.

For more info about what gets covered in a consultation, beyond the free half-hour of more general education, see Home Funeral Consultations or Green Burial Consultations. Moreover, whether you live in Washington, or in another state, you can call us for help in discerning what you can do legally in your location. Such support is not readily available in the funeral industry of today—it’s a new approach to deathcare.