Scattering Services

scattering services

The scattering of a loved one’s cremation ashes can be the focus of a memorial service, or it can be a quiet return to the earth or sea, without any fanfare. It is up to you. (SEE Cremation Q & A for more information.)

One of the gifts of cremation is that you have many options, and you are not bound to a specific place and time, like you are with a burial.

If you do not wish to scatter your loved one’s ashes yourself, we can do so for you.

A Sacred Moment offers scattering services on the Washington State Ferry (WSF) Clinton/Mukilteo run. One of our staff lives on Whidbey Island, and she schedules committal services with the ferry crew. The boat stops in the middle of the passage, quieting its huge engines. The cremated ashes, held in a biodegradable “journey urn” (required by WSF) are respectfully given back to the waters of the Sound. Sometimes the captain will blow the horn in honor. The family is given a certificate that states what longitude and latitude the cremains were laid to rest.

Though this is a service we provide, please note that families can schedule their own committal and memorial service. We have provided you here with an easy guide to the process: How To Scatter Remains at Sea on a Washington State Ferry.