Ways to Honor a Loved One


Memorial, funeral, life celebration. Is there a difference? Today the names have blurred and almost become interchangeable. Basically they are the same thing—an event honoring a life. The occasion can be…

A living memorial – celebrating the life of a loved one while they are still able to participate.

A memorial service – held at the beach, zoo, home, church, or just about anywhere. It may or may not include the cremated remains of your loved one.

A funeral service – more conventional in nature, with the casketed body present. It is typically held in a church or chapel, but can occur in some public spaces.

A home funeral service – more intimate, with the body remaining at home. The ceremony or ritual can be as simple or elaborate as the family chooses.

A graveside service – held at a cemetery for the burial of your loved one’s casket or urn. Also it can be the placement of their urn in a niche wall.

At A Sacred Moment, we support and create services for all these different ways of honoring your loved one. In turn we have been honored to experience these sacred moments…

...a man, known for his gifts to the arts, holds his own living memorial concert where community members sing and perform in his honor. The man comes up on stage, and thanks everyone in the audience, bidding them farewell. People rise to their feet in gratitude and celebration of his life.

...the soft notes of a piano playing a favorite song as a life-long friend lights a candle in remembrance of a life well-lived.

...the ritual of family and friends coming forward, as the memorial service ends, to place their touch on the urn of a beloved brother, partner, and friend.

...the sound of a familiar song played from long ago, Lollipops and Roses, when a couple first fell in love. Lollipops were placed in the roses that lay upon the casket. More lollipops and roses were handed out as keepsakes to those attending the service.

...a family dog sleeps day and night under the table where her master's body lies in state in the living room at home. When the casket is loaded into the family van, the dog jumps up on top of the wooden box, and rides all the way to the crematorium.

...sons carrying their mother, wrapped simply in a linen shroud, to an open grave lined with moss and ferns. After lowering her down, they cover her body with blossom and, shovel by shovel, fill in the grave themselves.

Over the years, we’ve drawn on our community to furnish Celebrant services, videography, scattering services, catering services, dove releases, bagpipers, and even a horse-drawn carriage.

We do everything we can to ensure that your event celebrates the unique personality and passions of your loved one.