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Alternative options

Cremation is becoming the most favored deathcare choice in our country because of its simplicity and respectability across different cultures and religions.

When a death occurs, A Sacred Moment will call you within a day of notification to set a time for an arrangement meeting. You may also Request an Appointment via our website. In our arrangement meeting, we will finalize cremation arrangements, paperwork, and payment. We will also discuss viewings, different service options, and scattering or memorial services. 

Our cremation services include :

  • Direct cremation with or without a memorial service
  • Expedited cremation
  • Witnessed placement
  • Scattering services from a Washington State Ferry

We also offer three kinds of viewings:

  • an hour-long viewing intended for less than 10 immediate family members, held at one of our chapel locations
  • a four-hour viewing for up to 50 family members and friends, held at one of our chapel locations
  • an hour-long viewing just prior to a witnessed placement, held at our licensed care facility in Kent

Please bring clothing, shoes, accessories, make-up, and/or mementos such as letters or photographs to the arrangement meeting. We can have them placed with your loved one.

Pre-planning can put your mind at ease. Prior to a death, you can arrange to meet with one of our staff members to ask any questions you might have and to complete necessary paperwork for pre-planning and pre-paying for cremation.

A Sacred Moment offers scattering services on the Washington State Ferry (WSF) Clinton/Mukilteo run. One of our staff schedules committal services with the ferry crew. The boat stops in the middle of the passage and the cremated ashes, held in a biodegradable “journey urn,” are respectfully given back to the waters of the Sound. Sometimes the captain will blow the horn in honor. The family is given a certificate that states what longitude and latitude the cremains were laid to rest. This is a service we provide, but families can also schedule their own committal and memorial service on any Washington State Ferry line.

We can ship a loved one’s cremated ashes to family members in other regions or countries. The urn must be sent via the United States Post Office, using Express Overnight Mail, if shipping within the United States. If shipping internationally, Express International services from the United States Post Office is required.

Burial Shipping Services

Artful Ashes capture the essence of your loved ones spirit in a swirl of color and ashes, within beautiful glass art. Created at Glasseye Studio in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, family members are invited to share in the experience as their glass heart is being made. Weighing just under a pound, your very own precious glass heart fits in the palm to be held close at hand and heart.

Megan Smith is a potter living on the Olympic Peninsula, in Port Townsend. She loves making cremation urns that are “not shy of expression,” but still dignified. “For those of us still living,” she says, “I hope to instill expression in the urns that may provide some comfort or solace, as well as some joy.”

Arrange a cremation online

While making arrangements for a cremation would be ideal in person at our office, we understand circumstances may not allow for a personal meeting to occur. We have made this online form available to you, as a way for us to support you during this stressful time and make the process of handling arrangements as easy as possible.


  1. Completing our online arrangement form does not inform us that a death has occurred. Please contact us by telephone, if a death has occurred, so we can make arrangements to bring your loved one into our care.

    A Sacred Moment’s office – (425) 316-8290, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

  2. Upon completion of this form, a staff member will be in touch as soon as possible during regular business hours, Monday–Friday 9am–5pm. We will review any questions you may have, discuss the next steps in the process and make arrangements for payment.

Cremation FAQs

Cremation is by far the less expensive option. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the median cost of a funeral with cremation is $6,078, and the median cost of a funeral with burial is $7,181.

A Sacred Moment’s fee is usually under a quarter of the national median cost of a funeral with cremation. Our affordable fee includes transportation of the body to our care facility, shelter of the body for up to 14 days, a cremation container for the body, arrangement meeting with family, completion and filing of death certificate, cremation, and a standard heavy-duty temporary container.

You can choose a one-hour viewing for up to 10 family members, or a four-hour viewing for up to 50 attendees. Viewings can take place in the chapel at our care facility or in houses of worship or rented facilities if there’s going to be a service before cremation. We recommend a home funeral if that is possible, so that the viewing can take place in the comfort of your own home, in familiar surroundings.

We normally do not recommend embalming, especially if a person is to be cremated. We assess each individual case and recommend embalming only if we feel it is necessary.

Typically, our cremation process can take place within two weeks, from the time of your loved one's death until receiving their cremated remains. Circumstances surrounding each cremation are unique, so be sure to ask us about your particular situation if timing is an issue. Families who wish to have their loved one cremated right away can choose to have an expedited cremation at an additional cost. Expedited means that we are stopping our normal procedures and schedule, rush ordering the death certificate filing and paperwork, and putting your loved one’s cremation before others.

Yes. Cremation requires that a body be sheltered in a combustible container before being placed in the cremation chamber. Wooden, cardboard, fiberboard, and other non-metal caskets are suitable for the cremation process.

Yes. A body wrapped in a shroud is a wonderful choice for a cremation. The cardboard cremation container is still needed, though, to provide rigid support of the body as it enters the cremation chamber, and to provide space for any mementos and flowers.

Yes. A witnessed placement needs to be scheduled ahead of time, before or during the arrangement meeting. There is a room with a glass window that overlooks the cremation chamber. Families can gather in the room to watch the body being placed in the chamber, or they can be present with the funeral staff as it enters the chamber, and even push the ignite button to begin the cremation.

Yes, you can. There is almost always time and space for spiritual practice at the beginning of the cremation. The witnessing room with a table and chairs is available, as well as the chapel. If remaining present during the cremation is important to you, we can make those accommodations.

We can transport the deceased from the home to the crematory when the vigil is complete. Families can choose to accompany the deceased to the crematory and participate in a witnessed placement.

We guarantee that all our cremations are performed individually. Each body receives a numbered stainless steel medallion that remains with that person throughout the sheltering and cremation. The identifying medallion remains with the ashes, as well. Both are placed inside a heavy-duty plastic bag inside the urn that is returned to the family.

You will receive the ashes in a sturdy, standard-sized black plastic urn. It will be labeled with the name of your loved one and the dates of his/her life on the front. Because the ashes are in an inner plastic bag, they can easily be transferred to another urn of your choice.

Many families keep a loved one’s ashes at home in an urn of their choice, or they scatter the ashes at a beloved spot. Some families already have cemetery plots or niches in a columbarium for their urn.

Yes. There is a simple protocol for scattering ashes. Do not drop or throw the urn into a body of water, unless it is made of a certified biodegradable material.  Remove the metal identification medallion from inside the urn and the identification label from the outside. Only scatter the ashes.

Cremated ashes may be scattered on privately owned land with the permission of the landowner; in national parks with permission from the chief park ranger; or on state trust uplands with permission from regional managers. Commercial entities are not allowed to scatter remains on state trust uplands.

Cremated ashes may be scattered on all public navigable waterways in the state of Washington. These include Puget Sound, rivers, streams, lakes, and the Pacific Ocean within a three-mile limit.  No reporting is required.

Advance notice and booking 3-5 business days prior to a planned date is required for scattering cremated remains from Washington State Ferry vessels. Bookings are made only during specific sailing times and are not offered during holidays or on all routes.

Once onboard and the ferry is underway, a member of your party should contact a crewmember who will speak with the captain. If the captain approves, your group will be led down to the aft end of the auto deck. A crewmember will accompany one person from your group beyond the restricted area to ensure their safety while the biodegradable container is placed into the water. At the captain’s discretion, the ferry’s horn may be sounded before or after the container has been released.

Cremated remains must be contained in a certified biodegradable container that can be dropped intact from a ferry. Such containers are typically made of a paper product and are designed to dissolve quickly after contact with water.

At this time there is no charge for this service. The only costs are standard ferry tolls.

For more information or to make arrangements with Washington State Ferries for such a service, please call a staff aide at (206) 264-3556.

Yes. We supply a written letter stating that A Sacred Moment handled the deceased’s arrangements and that a family member is bringing those cremated ashes on the plane. The letter states which airline, flight number, destination, and date you will be flying. This letter can be shown to airport staff when you go through security. We also provide a photocopy of the Death Certificate and Burial Transit Permit. Cremated ashes should never be placed in a suitcase and checked with luggage. You do not want to take a chance of lost luggage with the airline.

Yes. We ship via USPS Registered Mail nationally and internationally. Please see Shipping Services.

There is no set way to do things. In funerals or home funerals, the body is present. Memorial services and life celebrations follow most cremations, and many families wish to have the urn present at the ceremony.

A deceased person’s body is sheltered in a combustible container. The cremation process begins with the placement of the container in the cremation chamber where it is subjected to intense heat and flame reaching 1400-1800 degrees F. After 2-3 hours, all substances are consumed except bone fragments and metals.

The cremated remains are removed from the chamber. The bone fragments are pulverized and mixed with the rest of the cremains. The final cremains are a fine sand-like consistency and vary from dark to light gray or tan in color. They are placed in a designated urn or container.

Gold melts at the high temperatures required by cremation; therefore, dental gold is non-recoverable.

Prosthetic devices are commonly made of titanium, which has a higher melting point than the heat of cremation flames. Therefore, replacement knees, hips or other surgically implanted devices will remain intact following cremation. Unless requested by the family to be returned following cremation, these devices are recycled.

Pacemakers rely on batteries to function. Batteries at high cremation temperatures will combust inside the cremation chamber. Pacemakers, or any surgically implanted device using a battery, are removed prior to cremation.

Helpful Forms

Biographical Questionnaire

Information about the decedent is needed to complete and file the death certificate, which is mandatory for all dispositions. It’s good to look at these questions as early as possible. Some of them can stump family members, such as the decedent’s mother’s maiden name.

You can fill out, print, and bring the questionnaire to the arrangement meeting. Or you can fax or email it to us. Or you don’t have to look at it at all until you’re in the arrangement meeting, where we can help you.

Designated Agent Form

The Code of Law in the state of Washington stipulates that the deceased’s legal next-of-kin must be the ones to sign cremation authorization forms—if the deceased has not signed his/her own before death. It is possible for you to supersede the State’s requirements of next-of-kin and legally authorize any person to be a “designated agent” – someone who will arrange your disposition for you. This is helpful if you prefer a trusted friend or more distant relative to handle your affairs.

A designated agent for funeral arrangements can authorize a cremation or a burial and is legally responsible for all financial payment as well. That person’s name is written on the Designated Agent Form, and the declarant—meaning you—signs, dates, and has the document witnessed by anyone over the age of 18. No notary is required.

Cremation Authorization Form

By Washington state law A Sacred Moment must have a signed cremation authorization and release form completed, by the legal next-of-kin, before proceeding with cremation. 

Please be in touch should you have any questions or concerns while completing this form.