Biodegradable Caskets

Biodegradable containers are making a comeback. Used for thousands of years for burial, natural containers have been reinvented for eco-friendly families.

As a certified green-burial provider, by the Green Burial Council, A Sacred Moment knows the best craftspeople and companies making natural caskets. Biodegradable, original, and just perfect in their simplicity, these caskets support our love for the earth and provide comfort, helping to reflect on simpler lives and times.

Build Your Own Casket

There’s something deeply satisfying about “do-it-yourself,” especially when building a loved one’s casket. Friends and family often work together on the project, sharing stories, tears, and laughter along the way.

In support of those that choose this option, we include many resources available to assist you in building a casket.

Build Your Own Casket
Do-it-yourself Coffins Book
Dealing Creatively with Death: A Manual of Death (Has simple casket plans)
Quick Coffin plans by Last Things – Alternatives at the end of life

Conventional Caskets

Saying goodbye to a loved one in a beautiful, finely crafted casket brings comfort to many families. We support this traditional choice, knowing that it’s part of different cultures and family customs. From orthodox all-wood caskets to those made of metal, we offer a wide selection of conventional caskets.

Fiberboard Caskets

Simple, inexpensive fiberboard and cardboard caskets invite decoration. Family and friends, including kids, get busy with colored markers, stickers, family photos, and pictures of their loved one’s favorite things and places. Families often line the casket with a soft down comforter or blanket and pillow, before laying their loved one to rest.

These caskets are used mainly for cremations, but they are allowed in many cemeteries if a vault is used. Be sure to check with your chosen cemetery.