A Sacred Moment

Funeral Choices for a Changing World

We specialize in personalization. Whether it is creating a living memorial, home funeral, or graveside service, we go an extra mile beyond everyday funerals to honor your loved one in a truly unique way. We do everything we can to support you in your grief and honor and memorialize your loved one's unique personality and passions.

Meet Char


Char’s journey as a celebrant and funeral director began with the loss of her father and dear friend Margaret. Inspired by the concept of home funerals, Char became a certified celebrant and subsequently earned a degree in mortuary science. She helped to found the National Home Funeral Alliance, a non-profit which educates families about caring for their own loved one after death.

Featured Plan


Our Larch Plan includes cremation with witnessed placement at our cremation facility. This practice allows you to be with your loved one during their time of transformation and perform a variety of rituals on site as they embark on their journey. Our funeral home staff will help you choose a casket for the cremation as well as an urn to hold your loved one's ashes.

Meet Bindi


Bindi is serious about her role as a comfort/therapy dog at A Sacred Moment. From way down the hall, she can sense if a grieving family is walking through the door and trots out politely to greet them. She and her human Char are a Certified Therapy Team.  Although Bindi works hard, she plays hard too and is always up for chasing balls and squirrels!

Request an Appointment

 Our staff works hand-in-hand with you to set up arrangements for your loved one. Whether a death has occurred or you are interested in pre-planning, we have resources to help you make all the necessary decisions. 

Not sure where to start?

What to do after a death depends on the circumstances— whether it was expected or unexpected, where the death occurred, and your family’s needs and wishes. We can help you figure out what you need to do next.