A Sacred Moment


Our "Green" Story

A Sacred Moment is a pioneer of home funeral and green burial movements in America. Our 20+ years of collective experience has shown us that caring for a loved one’s body at home is a natural and simple way to handle death. We use dry ice instead of embalming, choose biodegradable caskets and shrouds, and host viewings at home to promote ecologically responsible funeral practices. 

A Sacred Moment acts as a bridge between the old and the new, working hand-in-hand with the existing funeral industry while promoting home funerals and green burials. We consciously choose to balance both conventional and alternative services so we can honor our clients’ death care choices.

We strive to build communities that can be creative and sustainable by supporting local cemeteries who employ "green" practices and commissioning local artists to craft biodegradable caskets, urns, or cremation art. We also offer consultation services to help families, social workers, chaplains, and communities understand their options and take important steps toward positive change.

A Sacred Moment proudly works with the Bonneville Environmental Fund to diminish carbon use and impact, resulting in a net zero carbon footprint for our cremations.

For each family we serve, a tree is planted in their loved one's honor. This is made possible through our partnership with American Forests. This form of environmental renewal is one of the best memorials we can offer. As the saplings grow bigger, we remember all those who have gone before us.