A Sacred Moment


Kenneth Lindsey

March 03, 1934 - August 15, 2010

A good husband, father, brother and friend, he will be missed.

Born on March 3, 1934, to Robert and Pearl Linsey. He grew up in Montlake in Seattle. He was a paperboy there for five years.

He went to Garfield High School, and when his family moved to North Seattle, (not liking Roosevelt High School,) he began a three-year quest to hitch hike and ride the city busses to Garfield until he graduated!

In 1953 he entered the Navy, Most of his service was aboard the US Intrepid—The Fighting “I.” He was on the shake down cruise after she was recommissioned after WWII. They went from Norfolk to Cuba and Haiti and back to Norfolk. From there they went to England. He took a couple of tours while there to Spain and London, returning to the US they encountered Hurricane Hazel. He said The Intrepid was tossed around like a rowboat.

After the Navy he entered college in Central Washington. He and his roommates were so broke and so hungry, he and one other went out and shot a deer for food. Their landlord turned them in and he took the blame for the others and was expelled. He came back to Seattle and went to work for Sunset Outdoor Advertising and went to the University of Washington, majoring in Industrial Design.

He played baseball for the city league, for the Reservoir Tavern. Some of his longtime friends played on the same team: Bob Armstrong, Chuck Hanson, and Paul Misuradbe. At this time is when he met his future wife, Sharron Deaton. They were introduced through a friend where he worked, Merle Miller. Their courtship was basically ballgames and beerfest after the game at the “Res Tav.” They met in May—he chased her until she caught him and they were married in October 1957. After 2 years, they started a family, having Shannon Rene’ in 1959. Then in 1961, they had Kenneth Junior. In 1962 they had Jeff Brian and in 1963 Jeannette Marie came along. Great kids! Great fun! So in 1967 Lisa Marlene was born and in 1968 Jonathan Michael joined the family! That’s all, folks!

In 1965 he started his own painting business. It had its ups and downs along with the economy, but remained successful for 40 years. He employed many young people over the years, and some down on their luck that needed work. Also our children, as they became old enough—learned to paint with us. We were known for our careful, clean work.

People were so amazed we could all work together as a family, and get along so well. In 2003, Ken retired after a 4-way heart bypass.

He liked to fish and hunt, but didn’t have a lot of time for it when he was working. He and son Ken got some fishing done after he retired.

Moving to Port Susan in 2000, life became easier for him, but his heart continued to weaken. In 2008 he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. In 2009 his heart failed three times. By 2010 his condition was restricting his activities. In July he became bed bound, and on August 15, he gave up the fight. He was ready and willing to go on to his reward: the resurrection into the world of tomorrow.

He is survived by his wife Sharron, his daughter Shannon Alkire, son Kenneth Junior, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his sons Jeff and Jonathan and daughters Lisa and Jeannette. Also, his sister Maxine Schrader.

A good husband, father, brother and friend, he will be missed.


A memorial service will be held on September 11, 2010 at 1:00 PM at Port Susan Chapel.


The Happiest Children

The happiest children
are those who've had
An understanding,
loyal Dad...
And it's a joy
to feel inside
Such love for him
and so much pride!

Family Ties

Family ties are precious bonds
That passing time endears
For they begin with memories
Of our happy childhood years-
Family ties are growing bonds
Nourished by love and laughter
And a thousand "everyday" events
That are cherished ever after-
Family ties are lasting bonds
That are woven in each heart
To keep a family close in thought
Together or apart!

--Elizabeth M. Gerus

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