A Sacred Moment


Ronald C. Gardner

December 02, 1925 - August 04, 2010

Written by Ron, because he knew no one else would take the time to write it!

Ronald C. Gardner was born in Hillsboro, Oregon on December 2nd, 1925. A telegram was immediately dispatched to President Coolidge, who frowned as he read it, and muttered, “As if the National Debt isn’t troubling enough, I now have to contend with this kid.”

His birth may have been the reason that “Silent Cal” decided not to run for a second term.

When he was eight years old he and his family moved to Yakima, WA, where he later graduated without honors from High School in 1944. His school years were happy years for him, but upsetting for the principal and vice-principal. He delighted in keeping their days full of excitement and emotion.

Two days after graduation he joined the Navy, where he became a radioman and was assigned to the staff of Vice-Admiral Harry Hill. In spite of this, America won World War 2.

After earning an A.A. Degree at Glendale College, he enrolled at the University Of Washington College Of Pharmacy. He joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity, whose members had pledged him in a fit of pique. He later was elected House Manager, which disturbed the members even more.

In the spring of 1951 he received his degree, and in the fall of that year, due to his constant pleading and whining, he married his lifelong love, Adabelle Whitney.

In the fall of 1952 he opened his own pharmacy in Seattle, and spent 32 happy years as owner-manager. He delighted in playing tricks on the doctors in the building, and putting small notes in the bottom of the bottles that held his customers medicine, such as, “Help! I’m being held prisoner at the Upjohn Factory!”

He loved to chase after the robbers, following a hold-up, and shoot at them. Alas, he was a poor shot, and always missed them, but he did frighten them, and terrified the few unlucky bystanders.

He retired in 1984, and moved from his home on Mercer Island to his new home on Camano Island.

There he enjoyed the company of the other vintage car enthusiasts, and also joined a writing class, so that he could dump his memories upon others.

He came to a timely death on August 4th, 2010, and his fellow islanders breathed a sigh of relief.

He leaves his wife, Adabelle, and two children: Todd Gardner and Teri Graves. He also leaves four grandchildren: Travis and Deanna Graves, and Brett and Brandon Gardner. Good luck, Ron, and save the best seats for us!

A wake will be held, so that his old friends can have a few drinks and tell lies about what a great guy he was. The wake will be at 3PM on Sunday, August 15th at the Camano Island Yacht Club, 129 N. Sunset Drive, Camano Island. (360) 387-3737

Written by the deceased, because he knew no one else would take the time to write it.


Open bar as insisted upon by Ron Gardner! Dress casual (My father would probably have said, “dress is optional, but definitely preferred so as not to upset the children!”)


Memorial contributions may be made to: Friends of the Stanwood/Camano Library9701 271st St. N.W. Stanwood, WA 98292


Wishing our dear father a happy birthday

When my father turned 80 his friends threw him a surprise party that was the highlight of the decade! Everyone had a marvelous time. Below is the silly poem we wrote for him. Many of these lines refer to inside jokes, but I know that my father understood! Love you Dad!

How do we find a humorous way
To wish our dear father a happy birthday?
After all he's the funniest man that we know,
Remember his Halloween Hippie Afro?
Or the Princess Pupuli and red raccoon poop,
The IRS letter to the Orthopedic group!
He's posed in a tutu, lobbed fat butter balls,
Smoked hundreds of cigarettes in school bathroom stalls.
He eats pickled pigs feet, chocolate and spam,
Sprints after armed burglars without giving a damn.
He diddles the brains of helpless sea creatures,
And the "pig" in his ear is the best of his features.
Who could forget the gift poems he wrote,
Or his trick water skiing behind his red boat?
He cries while watching It's A Wonderful Life,
And truly adores his remarkable wife.
It saddens us greatly to live far away
Just think of the many card games we could play.
He has listened to problems, given love and advice,
And always helped out when times weren't so nice.
We love him more than anybody could think,
Despite the numerous martinis he would drink!
And so on this truly most wondrous occasion,
We wish him the greatest birthday celebration!

Teri, Kevin, Travis and Deanna

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