A Sacred Moment


Patricia Jeanne Gilmartin

December 21, 1945 - December 28, 2012

Her greatest commitment and sacrifice was for her family and children

Patricia J. (Jeanne) Gilmartin, 67, passed away very unexpectedly on Friday December 28th, 2012 near her current home in Lynnwood, Washington.

Patricia was born Patti Jeanne Mason in Fort Worth, TX on December 21, 1945, daughter to Jesse Mason and Katherine Jeanne Allred. She was the eldest of ten children and divorced from a long marriage to David Gilmartin and is survived by her three children Alice Gilmartin of Port Charlotte, FL, Jennifer Leonhardt of Los Angeles, CA and Aaron Gilmartin of Colver City, CA as well as her only grandchild, Juliet Tondowski of Glendale, CA.

Patricia was a trained professional ballet dancer from a young age and never lost her love for movement which she continued to pursue in a lifelong study of the performance of eurythmy. She moved from Texas to Washington DC early in her marriage and found anthroposophy with her then-husband, helping to start the first Waldorf School community there in the early 1970s. She completed a Bachelor's degree in psychology at Keene State College after moving to WIlton, New Hampshire where she resided from 1977 to 1983. She then completed a Masters of Science at Drake University. As an ABD PhD candidate at the Bryn Mawr School of Social Work and Social Research, she was interested in helping people in need and especially motivated by social justice. She was employed by IAM Crest and working at the Boeing plant in Everett, WA as a vocational rehabilitation counselor at the time of her death. Her greatest commitment and sacrifice was for her family and especially her children to whom she was utterly dedicated.

Her family wishes to thank the eurythmy community in Seattle, the Unity Church of Lynnwood and the anthroposophical and Christian Community, especially Gisela Wielki and Cinthia Hindes, in the places where she lived.


Services were held on Sunday December 30, 2012 at Unity of Lynnwood and at the Woodlawn Cemetery on Wednesday January 2, 2013 in Snohomish, WA.

There will be an Act of Consecration of Man for the Dead performed at 10 AM at the Christian Community at 11030 LaMaida Street in North Hollywood, CA on Saturday January 19, 2013. See Map Link below.


Donations may be sent to offset expenses for the family, attention:

Alice Gilmartin 264 Camillia Lane - B Port Charlotte, FL 33954

or to the Unity Church of Lynnwood, attention:

Reverend Mary Omwake at the link below.

Unity Church Lynnwood


Call Me Safely Home

You called me, (my Name was known),
Out of paradise
And into this world.
I have been coming like a quick snake through grass,
then, upright, on hard earth I tread,
soul and body dry and
sun metal-sharp upon my skin.

I've wandered breathless
and looked over my shoulder
in fear.
I've looked in dark doorways, my face at rest,
palms turned upward, open
to what may be.
I've lived in concrete and plastic,
bowed down desperate,
and borne the constant assault of idiot machines,
my ears too tender.
I've leaned out over the river
stripped like a winter tree branch,
testing my roots
to see if they would hold.

Rock me now
in the rhythm of the ages,
and call me safely home
from breathless wandering.
Let the sun just warm me,
and my roots hold,
no fear compel me.
Let singing be the sound,
and grasses only wave in lovely dances
with the wind,
and where I live is built
of earth and sky.

Call me safely home
to be the true Companion,
call me safely home
as You called me here,
call me safely home
my Name is Written.
Call me safely home
once more.

by Patricia J. Gilmartin

Remember Me (To My Children)

I'd just as soon
BE part of a fish
As planted at roots of a spreading tree
It doesn't matter to me
At all
So long as the soul is growing,

'Don't stand at my grave
to weep' -
nor locate me,
But in every breath and breeze of a cloud
with wind in spray off the foaming sea.

I live in the bosom
Of the world
And SHINE at night in starlight
And moon
Can you see me?

EMBODIED in light
With expanse of unfathomable space for a tomb.

NO END of me
I am part of YOU
I live in your joys
Your eyes, your tears
In memory of our time
In passing Present and Future years.

I live in your heart
your life
Your child
I, still expanding,
In death

My Song is unloosened
My world is so
I live in Your
my body has died.

by Patricia J. Gilmartin

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