A Sacred Moment


Richard Udell 'Dick' Chapin

July 03, 1929 - February 05, 2015

He lived a charmed life

Richard Udell 'Dick' Chapin was born July 3, 1929 in New York to Samuel and Evelyn Chapin. He graduated from University of Michigan, & Columbia Law School where he met his first wife, Hope Redington. He served the Army JAGC at Fort Lewis, where they fell in love with the Northwest and raised three children of whom Dick was very proud.

In addition to Dick's law practice, he was involved in civic, political and youth activities. After a stint as Executive Director of the Republican Party in King County, he moved his practice to Bellevue and was a founding partner of Inslee, Best, Chapin. He served in the WA State Legislature, chaired the State Land Planning Commission (precursor to the Growth Management Act). He remained politically active, supporting programs to give everyone a fair shot at happiness and self-sufficiency. He was outspoken, warmly praising the positive and sharply criticizing the negative and unacceptable.

He later married and lived happily for 25 years with Midge Radcliff Marshall. Unfortunately, Midge passed in 2004 from lung cancer. His life was again blessed when he and Mary Nelson became sweethearts. Dick felt that he lived a charmed life full of exuberance, warm hugs, terrific children, caring friends, and loving spouses. They fished, boated, skied, gardened, politicked, laughed and loved together, and Dick wholeheartedly believed it could not have been any better!

He is survived by his loving companion of 11 years, Mary Nelson; his children and their families: Cary Chapin & Barb Douma, Bruce Chapin & Cindy Cimoch, Nancy Chapin & Leah Shafer; Julie & Steve Johnson, John Marshall; his grandchildren: Katy, Nick C., Molly, Nick J., Reidar, Leah & Spencer; as well as extended family in CA and many, many wonderful friends.


A memorial service to honor Dick is planned for Sunday February 15th at 4:30 at Timber Ridge at Talus. 


Dick had many passions for which he cared dearly. The family asks in lieu of flowers you may contribute to any of the three organizations Dick supported.

Seattle Tilth
Youth Eastside Services
Family Village Redmond YWCA


A Good Life


When we are gone, and people weep
for us and grieve, let it be because we
touched their lives with beauty and simplicity.
Let it not be said that life was good to us,
but, rather, we were good to life

Jacob P. Rudin

A True Fisherman


A true fisherman knows when and where the fish
are biting.
He rises up early in the morning,
Plying the water for that elusive catch,
Waiting in the stillness for a nibble
A slight twitch in the line,
Expertly he reels it in --
A good fisherman knows a keeper
When he sees one, he knows when to toss one back
And when to head for home.

Author Unknown

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