A Sacred Moment


Constance "Connie" Patricia Greco

March 17, 1943 - April 01, 2014

She believed in loving everyone she knew

Constance “Connie” Patricia Greco died April 2014 in Mill Creek, WA, at the age of 71.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, to Judy and Benedict Liguori, she survived her beloved brother Junior Liguori. She is survived by her sister, Maria Liguori, her four daughters, Gina Stewart, JoAnne Greco, Debby Watkins, and Denise Harris and their families.

Her deep kindness, warmness, and a sense of family for all around her resulted in a family far beyond the reaches of the typical sense of the word. She strove to make others around her happy, and succeeded at such.

She loved crocheting, cooking, and keeping up with friends and relatives on the east coast.

She met her husband Anthony “Butch” Greco as a teenager in New York, and they were married on May 4, 1963. Together they lived in Long Island before moving to Washington in 1977 to continue raising their daughters.

She survived her husband, and worked as an Auto Title Clerk for Honda of Kirkland. She was adored by her co-workers, and enjoyed retirement after September 2009.

She was known as a Grandma to everyone she met, in addition to her own grandchildren, Jennifer, Billy, Anthony, Brandon, Ashley, Sammi, Alex, Tyler, Trevor, and her great-grandchildren, Matthew and Lily.

She believed in loving everyone she knew, and practiced that belief every day. She was honest, caring, and true to herself. She will be missed.


There will be an internment service on May 9, in Bellevue Washington

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