A Sacred Moment


Mary Michelle "Shelley" Anselment

October 28, 1967 - April 10, 2018

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Mary Michelle "Shelley" Anselment, age 50, passed away on Tuesday April 10th, 2018 at Swedish Hospital in Edmonds, surrounded by family and friends. Shelley left us after complications arising from end stage kidney/liver failure.

Shelley was a life-long student, always pushing herself to learn more. She recieved her Associates in Early Childhood Development at Edmonds Community College, and her teaching certificate at UW Cascadia Campus. She was working towards becoming a librarian when her health declined.

Shelley loved working with children, having spent five years employed with the YMCA childcare in Edmonds, and running a daycare out of her home for two years. She had a special knack for soothing babies, and truly loved that.

More than anything, Shelley loved her family. She spent so much time visiting Rick and Sue that eventually she just stopped going home, and became her mother's constant companion after the passing of her father. Both of her brothers were active in her life as well. She shared a home with Joseph, as well as Sue, and Brian lived a few houses away.

Shelley was an upbeat, loving woman who loved to create, whether it was sewing, crocheting, cooking, or arts and crafts. While attending the UW Cascadia Campus, she found joy in sewing costumes for the drama department.   

She is survived by her mother, Sue; her brothers Brian and Joseph; and several nieces and nephews.

Some of Shelley's last words...

"(I) love you everyone! Especially Mom... Cindy knows.. Mom is such a stable rock and a member of her family, I love you most."
"Mom.. you take care of you."
"Zoe the kitty, take care of her."
"SPAGETTI!! I don't know why it's so important, but it is..."




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