A Sacred Moment


Henrietta "Hanky" Rose Jesmer

January 23, 1954 - October 09, 2015

Beautiful Person Inside and Out

Hanky Jesmer, 61, of Everett, WA. passed away after a courageous fight with an aggressive form of metastatic lung cancer.

Hanky was born in Wiesbaden, Germany to Charles and Margaret Bennette (Old Town, ME), while stationed overseas after WWII. Her early childhood found Hanky and her family globetrotting as her father was a Lt. Colonel in the US Air Force. After living in Germany, the Philippines, New York & Florida the Bennette's settled in Everett, WA in the early 1960's.

Hanky met one of her dearest friends, Debbie Downey (Smith), when her family moved to Everett. This was a cherished friendship which lasted over 50 years and Hanky was very grateful for it. Hanky graduated from Cascade High School in 1972.

A chance blind date, in March 1970, brought Stephen (Steve) Jesmer, her soul mate, into her life. They were married in July 1973 on a hot 90 degree day, at Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church. This joyous occasion gave joy to so many friends and family. Steve and Hanky came from very large families. Steve was one of 10 children and Hanky was one of 7 girls!

Early on in their marriage the happy couple had some sorrow as they had experienced 2 miscarriages. Faith and love saw them through these tough times. In July 1976 their prayers were answered and Jennifer Lynn (Jenny) was born. Born 4 weeks premature at 4 lbs., this baby girl was the light of Hanky's life. It was Hanky's purest pleasure to be a mother and she was an extraordinary one. After Jenny was born it was found that Hanky had cervical cancer and after treatment would not be able to bear any more children, as was her hope.

A true nurturer, Hanky opened an in-home child care center, when Jenny was a little girl. This was a way for Hanky to stay home and raise her daughter, and also help to care for other children, which was a delight for her. At the height of her child care career, there could be 6 -12 children in the Jesmer home at one time! All of these wonderful kids were loved and cherished like they were her own children.

In 1988, Hanky felt it was time for her to broaden her horizons and work outside the home. Hanky trained in electronics assembly and went to work for Eldec Corp. - now known as Crane Aerospace & Electronics. She quickly became a strong leader and mentor to many. Over her 26 years with Crane-Eldec as she grew in her work, becoming a Senior Lead Assembler; training and managing many co-workers. Hanky was always thankful for the friendships she made at work and was proud to stand up for those she worked with.

In October 2003 and then again in October 2007 Hanky was happily blessed with the birth of her beautiful grand-daughters, Indigo & Sienna. The epitome of what a Nana could be; Hanky was ever so proud of these girls. Watching the girls dancing in their spring recitals and playing in their weekly soccer games were some of Hanky's favorite pastimes. Her family appreciated the help and care she gave them, bringing the girls to classes & practices after work. Overnight stays with Nana and Peapa were ALWAYS highly anticipated events which generally included a meal of the girls' choosing, watching movies and having ice cream.

Hanky enjoyed cooking and was a phenomenal one, to say the least. Generous with her time & talent it was not uncommon for Steve and Hanky to have dinner guests multiple times a week. Her Memorial Day lobster feasts were a highly anticipated event. Hanky was also a very gifted baker and made wedding cakes as a hobby. Proud to be a part of so many couples special day, it made her happy to share this special talent.

Bit by the travel bug as a military brat, Hanky loved traveling with family. Early in their marriage and in Jenny's childhood, they often went on road trips in the truck and camper; Eastern Washington, California and Oregon were common destinations. Later on excursions to the Oregon Coast with her in-laws, Hawaii with the children & grandchildren, the East Coast with her sister & brother in-law were some of their most memorable trips. Most recently Steve and Hanky enjoyed celebrating their 42nd Wedding Anniversary in Lincoln City, OR. followed by a 7 day cruise to Alaska. Though she was very ill at the time of these last two outings, she did not let that get in her way and these trips were extremely rewarding.

If anything can really define a person, FRIENDSHIP has to be what defines Hanky. A beautiful person, inside and out, Hanky will be remembered with grace and joy by those who really knew her, by the friends and relationships she cultivated. Friends like her Sister Patty & brother in-law Neal, Bruce and Carol Lindgren, Michael and Lon Driver, Dallas and Lexi Schultz, Debbie & Mike Smith, Esther Fischer, Bruce & Hallie Howe, Jerry & Kathy Harju. There are so many other dear and wonderful friends that we cannot mention here, but know that you were a cherished and appreciated part of Hanky's life.

Hanky is preceded in death by her parents Charles and Margaret Bennette (Everett, WA.). Hanky is survived by her loving husband Stephen M. Jesmer (Everett, WA.), her daughter Jennifer Kuehn and son-in law Darron Kuehn, and their daughters: Indigo & Sienna Kuehn (Everett, WA.), her most loving and generous sister Patricia Pedersen & husband Neal Pedersen (Seattle, WA.). Her other sisters: Ann Bennette (Arlington, WA), Charlene Follett (Cashmere, WA), Nanette Blair (Monroe, WA.), Kathryn Wold (Poncha Springs, CO.), Carolyn Payne (Jacksonville, FL.) and numerous nieces and nephews.


A Celebration of Life is to be held on November 5th, 2015 from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM at Floral Hall, at Forest Park. 802 E. Mukilteo Blvd, Everett, WA 98203.

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