A Sacred Moment


William Andrew Buchan

January 26, 1938 - January 09, 2015

He Loved Helping People

Born William Andrew Buchan on January 26, 1938 to Hugh MacCarther Buchan and Annie Gillroy Reed. William was born in Seattle and raised in Ballard. He attended and graduated from Ballard High. He loved fishing, helping people and making conversation with people, along with many other things. He served in the Navy as an officers' Yeoman in Kodiak, Alaska. Upon coming home, he started his career as an auto mechanic, working for over thirty years. His brother Hugh (Buck) Buchan, sister Jean Nicholson, and his son Dean Buchan preceded him in death. He leaves behind his wife Jacquie Buchan; sister Mary Brooks, of Marysville; daughter Audrey McNelly of Alaska; two grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; three step children; and six step grandchildren.




Like a shell on the beach...
My memory lingers on....
The waves carry them in...
The sand erodes their shape
The rain buries them low...
The sun shines them gold...
A stranger picks it up... Seals it in his palm....
Throws it back into the sea
There in the depth of time..
My memory lingers on.

Prabha Trimurty

A True Fisherman


A true fisherman knows when and where the fish
are biting.
He rises up early in the morning,
Plying the water for that elusive catch,
Waiting in the stillness for a nibble
A slight twitch in the line,
Expertly he reels it in --
A good fisherman knows a keeper
When he sees one, he knows when to toss one back
And when to head for home.

Author Unknown

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