A Sacred Moment


Robert Amon Satterfield III

April 27, 1948 - September 05, 2015

Because of Bob, the world became a brighter place, and that light shines on...

When Flavia Weedn wrote “some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same,” she was surely describing Robert Amon Satterfield III, who passed from this life to the next at 4 p.m., on September 5, 2015, at home, in the company of those who loved him. Bob was 67.

Bob began leaving his mark on the world in Carbondale, IL, on April 27, 1948, when his parents Robert and Frances Satterfield welcomed him into their lives. They preceded him in death along with his sister, Kay Maier Blue.

Among those left to treasure Bob’s memory are his sister Luann (Harold) Dusch, of Hurst, IL, four nieces, Megan (Rick) Holzmacher, of Rochester,IL, Jennifer (Bob) Sheets, of Sparta, NC, Michaelle Meier (Don Pierce), of Springfield IL, and Sara (Shannon) Malone, of Carterville, IL; three nephews, Matthew (Beth) Maier, of Noblesville, IN, Christopher Dusch, of Mooreland, OK, and Geoffrey (Stacey) Maier, of Normal, IL, as well as several great-nieces, great-nephews, and cousins.

Bob grew up in Carbondale, earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University. He later earned over 135 hours of graduate-level education credit, three times the amount needed for a Master’s Degree; but as his friend, Becky, said, “He loved teaching and thirsted for knowledge, not for title.” Education was a natural choice for Bob, and he spent more than three decades changing the world one child at a time before retiring from the Lake Stevens School District in 2012. He moved to Washington 35 years ago, and the state quickly became his home. He never tired of showing off his state and telling friends and acquaintances of its beauty. He was in love with the Great Northwest and spent much of his free time exploring its wonders.

Bob loved life and lived each day like it was his last, whether it be dancing, going out with friends, sharing drinks, or exploring. With an infectious smile that lit up his whole being, Bob made each day count and left his stamp on those around him. His lessons were not conventional, such as the time he bought an alarm clock for a student who blamed his habitual tardiness on his parents, teaching him the value of personal responsibility.

Bob had a family of fantastic friends including Rocky Shelton, Ellen Fitzgerald, Becky Aaring, Boof Christie, Andrea Popping, Stephanie Hare, and many, many more, with whom he shared his life. One of those friends, Don Young, wrote this about his friend:

It is often said when a person passes away, that the world is now a darker place; however, this can't be said of Bob.

Because of Bob, the world became a brighter place, and that light shines on.

That light shines on thru every person that Bob touched, whether it be a former student, a parent of that student, a friend, a coworker, or just a person he met on the street.

Because of Bob, my life was made better. I have so many happy memories. His infectious smile, his heart felt laughter, his love of gossip, his love of music, the outdoors, the memories go on and on

I remember him sitting on his butt, meticulously picking weeds from the yard.

Because of Bob, I met wonderful and amazing people. Rocky, Ellen, Luann, Stephany, Boof, Andrea, Heather, Becky, and on and on.

Thank you, Bob, for being my friend, and sharing my life.

Yes, because of Bob, the world became a brighter place, and continues to be.


Bob will be remembered with a memorial and scattering of ashes next year in Forks, WA.

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