A Sacred Moment


Forms & Procedures

Biographical Questionnaire

To complete and file a death certificate, you’ll need to complete this Biographical Questionnaire. You can fill out, print, and bring the questionnaire to the arrangement meeting, or you can fax or email it to us.

Cremation Authorization

By Washington state law, A Sacred Moment must have a signed Cremation Authorization & Release form completed by the legal next-of-kin, before proceeding with cremation.  Those with the legal authority to sign include, in descending order:

  • Self – signed on own behalf, 
  • Designated Agent – person acting on behalf of deceased under signed authorization, 
  • Surviving Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner, 
  • Surviving Adult Children – all or the majority, 
  • Surviving Parent(s) – all or only, 
  • Surviving Sibling(s) – all or the majority, 
  • Court-appointed Guardian, or
  • Most Responsible Party.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding completing this form, please contact us so we can assist you.

Designated Agent Form

The Code of Law in the state of Washington stipulates that the deceased’s legal next-of-kin must be the ones to sign Cremation Authorization forms—if the deceased has not signed his/her own before death (See Washington State Legislature). 

It is possible to legally authorize any person to be a “designated agent” to arrange the disposition for you, if you prefer a trusted friend or more distant relative to handle the affairs. A designated agent for funeral arrangements can authorize a cremation or burial and is legally responsible for all financial payment. Write that person’s name on the Designated Agent Form, then sign it, date it, and have the document witnessed by an adult. No notary is required.

Embalming Authorization

Embalming is not legally required, but we may recommend it based on your specific case. If you want your loved one’s body to be embalmed, you must fill out an Embalming Authorization form. If you would prefer the use of non-toxic, formaldehyde-free embalming fluid, you may indicate this on the form.

Pre-planning, Pre-paying & Trusts

Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Pre-planning, for yourself or another, can put your mind at ease. You can pre-plan funeral arrangements by meeting with one of our staff members to ask questions and complete the necessary paperwork. Just call us at (425) 316-8290 to request a meeting, or use our Request an Appointment button.

Pre-Paying Your Funeral

You can also choose to pre-pay for services, settling all financial matters beforehand. If you would like to pre-pay, we can help you establish a trust that is safe, flexible, and easy to set up. Your guaranteed trust will hold the specific amount needed for your chosen funeral costs.

Benefits of Trusts

When you meet with us, we can help you establish a trust account through American Funeral and Cemetery Trust Services. This company is a third-party administrator that has been managing trusts in the northwest for 20 years. At our meeting, you can also decide if your trust will be revocable or irrevocable. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of both and recommend which kind of trust would best fit your needs.

If you have more questions about pre-payments and want to schedule a time to come in, please give our office a call at (425) 316-8290.