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Affordable burials


Through the centuries, conventional burial has provided a sense of comfort and tradition for grieving families. Being present with the body at the funeral creates a feeling of reverence and ceremony that often helps people through their grief. When the casketed body is present for a time, it also provides one more opportunity to say farewell.

Often a burial honors the wishes of the deceased. Many people find solace in choosing a particular plot in a cemetery as their final resting place. Cemeteries invite family and friends to visit with flowers, stones, notes of remembrance and love.

Knowing how important these services are, we will do our very best for you and yours.

After a death occurs, you may call or use our website to request an appointment. Our staff works hand-in-hand with you and the staff of your chosen cemetery to arrange the burial of your loved one. In your meeting with us, we will accomplish burial arrangements, paperwork, and payment. We will also help you decide settings, dates, and times for the burial service and/or visitation. If you would like a funeral service for your loved one, we will assist you in selecting a casket, guest books, flowers, and funeral service folders.

A Sacred Moment offers a variety of funeral and burial options, including:

  • Direct burial in a simple pine, cloth-covered or metal casket with or without a graveside service
  • Full burial services with a cloth-covered or metal casket
  • Green burial in a bio-degradable casket with or without a graveside service

Our full burial services include optional:

  • Embalming, dressing, cosmetology
  • Use of chapel and/or viewing facilities
  • Direction of services at one of our chapels, your house of worship, or the graveside. (Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm)
  • Handling flowers
  • Delivery of casket to a cemetery in the local service area

In addition to our burial services, we offer two kinds of viewings:

  • an hour-long viewing intended for up to 10 immediate family members
  • a four-hour viewing that can include up to 50 family members and friends

In either instance, we will provide coffee and tea for your guests in a separate room, where you are welcome to offer food as well, if you choose. These viewings are held either in our care facility’s chapel or chapel locations from South King to Snohomish counties.

Pre-planning a burial can put your mind at ease, allowing you to be present to your loved one. You can also choose to pre-pay for services. If you are interested in pre-planning for yourself or a loved one, please call our office.

We can forward a loved one’s body to another funeral home if your family has a distant burial plot and wants the final disposition to happen there. Likewise, we can receive a loved one’s body from another funeral home outside of the area, for services and disposition that are to take place here.

Cremation Shipping Services

Derrick Burke creates caskets from locally harvested wood. In 2010, his family-run business Puget Sound Woodworking opened its doors in historic Snohomish. Regarding wood, there’s nothing he can’t craft (or teach you how to make), from caskets to chicken coops.

Marcus Daly also makes caskets on Vashon Island in Puget Sound. A former fisherman, he has been doing a lot of sanding on local wood since 2008. See him at work in the short video, “The Coffinmaker,” on the website of his company Marian Caskets.

Online Burial Arrangement

While making arrangements for a burial would be ideal in person, we understand circumstances may not allow a personal meeting to occur. We have made this online form available to you, as a way for us to support you during this stressful time and make the process of handling arrangements as easy as possible.

Please note that completing our online arrangement form does not inform us that a death has occurred. Please contact us by telephone if a death has occurred so we can make arrangements to bring your loved one into our care.

Upon completion of this form, a staff member will be in touch as soon as possible during regular business hours, Monday–Friday 9am–5pm. We will review any questions you may have, discuss the next steps in the process and make arrangements for payment.

Burial FAQs

In a conventional burial, the deceased rests in a casket made of metal or wood. Sometimes the body is embalmed. The family can choose to witness the lowering of the casket into a concrete vault that lines the grave.

No. There are no laws mandating that a vault be used in a burial, but many cemeteries do have a policy that a vault is required.

Yes. A Sacred Moment can provide you with the necessary dimensions that will meet your cemetery’s requirements. We also can direct you to do-it-yourself casket plans (See Build your own casket) and ready-to-assemble casket kits (See Helpful Links). In our experience, building a do-it-yourself casket gives some friends and family members a way to express and channel their grief.

Practically anything that fits. Objects often include small artworks from children, letters from loved ones, Bibles, family photos, and an amazing variety of mementos. There are no rules.

Anything goes. A person could be dressed for a favorite activity, such as fishing or hiking. Another could be attired in well-worn soft clothes for TV watching, or a brand-new jacket and tie. It’s entirely up to the family, who often know what the deceased would choose for a final outfit.

The average funeral costs just over $7,000. That amount is for a full burial service package, including the basic service fee; transfer of remains to funeral home; embalming and other preparation of the body; use of facilities and staff for viewing and ceremony at the funeral home; hearse; service car or van; basic printed memorial package; and metal casket.

We offer several affordable plans. A comparable package at A Sacred Moment, which includes additional delivery of the casketed remains to a local cemetery, is easily half the national average. Call us at (425) 316-8290 for specific prices that meet your needs.

Depending on who owns the property—city, church, or company—the cost of the plot can range from zero to $5,000. National veterans’ cemeteries provide free burials for veterans and their spouses. Cemeteries will also have fees for the concrete vault or liner; grave opening and closing; ground covering; tent or chairs (if requested); set-up and lowering of the casket; monument or marker; and ongoing maintenance.

Helpful Forms

Biographical Questionnaire

Information about the decedent is needed to complete and file the death certificate, which is mandatory for all dispositions. You can fill out, print, and bring the questionnaire to the arrangement meeting, or you can fax or email it to us.

Designated Agent Form

A designated agent for funeral arrangements can authorize a cremation or a burial and is legally responsible for all financial payment. That person’s name is written on the Designated Agent Form, and the declarant—meaning you—must sign, date, and have the document witnessed by an adult.

Embalming Authorization

Embalming is not legally required, but sometimes it is recommended. This form is required for us to embalm the body.