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Purelight Shroud

Purelight Shroud


The age-old practice of wrapping a body in a shroud is making a beautiful comeback. Creative, innovative people are crafting special shrouds for cremation and green burials. Though often still made of white cotton, linen or wool, they have new designs and practical features in gorgeous, colorful natural fabrics.

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Esmerelda Kent of www.kinkaraco.com is a leading pioneer in the new shroud movement, and our preferred supplier. Her shrouds are works of art—like the saffron-colored silk Varanasi pictured here on this page. Kinkaraco offers special optional features: a heart pocket for mementos, and a lining of herbs and petals sewn by hand into the shroud. If used for cremation, this kind of shroud needs the rigid support of a cremation container; if used for burial, Kinkaraco’s patented Endfinity backboard with lowering straps can be attached, making it a good choice for green burial.